How to Transfer Your CNA Certification to Another State

Are you a certified nursing aide who wants to move to another state? Are you unsure of how to transfer your CNA certification to your new location? If you do not know how to go about transferring your CNA certification to the state you are relocating to, we can help. Read on, to find out exactly what you will need to do.

  1. Check for Reciprocity Arrangements - Some states have what is known as reciprocity arrangements with other states. What this means is that they will accept certifications from other states and will not need you to take the state CNA Exam again. You can check whether your new state allows such arrangements by contacting their Nurse Aide Registry.

  2. Provide the Required Paperwork - Even if your new location does allow reciprocity arrangements, you will still need to submit some required paperwork to their Nurse Aide Registry to begin working in the state. This includes such information as your social security number, proof of employment, proof of training and a criminal background check.

  3. Re-take the CNA Exam - If the state you are moving to does not offer reciprocity arrangements, you will need to re-take the CNA Nurse Aide Registry Exam for their state. In some cases, you may need to complete more continuing education courses as well. Again, you can find out about your new state's requirements by contacting their Nurse Aide Registry.

  4. Obtain Certification in Your New State - After you have finished re-taking the CNA exam and paid your exam fee, your name will be added to your new state's Nurse Aide Registry. At this point, you can get employment within your new location. However, you will need to provide their registry with your present state's CNA certification number and recent work history.

Transferring your CNA certification is quite simple as in most cases, states offer reciprocity arrangements. Nevertheless, even if your new location does not allow these arrangements, you can easily transfer your certification by following the easy steps outlined above.

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