All About Online CNA Programs

Do you want to enroll in a CNA training program, but work or family responsibilities are getting in the way? Do you live too far away from any educational facilities? If so, why not consider enrolling in an online CNA program? Online CNA training programs make it possible for people to seek out their educations whenever and wherever they wish.

What Are the Enrollment Requirements?

Just as with traditional educational facilities, the requirements for you to enroll in an online training program may vary from one school to another. However, there are some requirements that are common to most online schools today, and they can be found listed below:

  • High School Diploma, GED or Significant Experience in Healthcare
  • 17 or 18 Years Old Depending on the State You Live In
  • Completed Enrollment Application
  • Payment of Current Tuition
  • Able to Read and Speak English Fluently
  • Must Be Physically Fit
  • Able to Remain Calm in Stressful and Emergency Situations
  • Must Possess a Compassionate and Caring Attitude

How Do You Locate Online Courses?

The best way for you to find accredited online CNA courses is to check with your local health department or the Board of Nursing in your state. Additionally, many community colleges, vocational schools and technical institutes offer CNA courses online as well. To get you started, you will find some of the top online CNA schools listed below:


Pennsylvania State University

Online School

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Lake Region Technical College

Online School

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Quinnipiac University

Online School

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St. Joseph's College

Online School

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What is the Cost for the Classes?

The cost for online CNA classes can vary significantly from one school to another. Make sure that you search carefully for your program; however, keep in mind that low costs do not always mean that the classes offered are accredited. Some online schools offer you the option of convenient monthly or bi-monthly payments.

What Will I Learn During My Program?

CNA programs offered online are structured much like traditional classroom programs. You will need to complete a variety of work online as well as a certain amount of hands-on training. Typically, your hands-on clinical work will be conducted at a local nursing home or hospital that is working in cooperation with the school of your choice. Listed below, are just a few of the subjects you will study.

  • Medical Terminology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Infection Prevention
  • Safety in the Workplace
  • Nutrition and Elimination
  • Basic Nursing Theory
  • Patients' Rights
  • Principles of Patient Care
  • Taking Vital Signs
  • The Role of CNAs and Other Healthcare Professionals
  • Communication and Documentation Skills

There are many accredited schools in the U.S. that offer online CNA programs for aspiring certified nursing assistants. Training online is a great option if you are juggling family and work responsibilities. However, before you choose an online program, make sure that the classes are approved by the Board of Nursing in your state.

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