Average Tuition & Fees

Have you decided to enroll in a certified nursing aide program but would like to learn about the tuition and fees associated with the training? Since CNA programs are relatively short, the tuition you will need to pay is quite affordable. Additionally, although the costs may vary from one school to another, the following tuition and fees are good examples of what you can expect to pay.

Average Tuition Costs

The overall average tuition cost for in-state CNA students is about $71.50 per credit hour. Furthermore, the average cost for out-of-state students is around $263.50 per credit hour. Of course, this may vary depending on the school you choose to attend, and some facilities may charge a flat rate for the training program.

However, you can calculate your total cost by multiplying your cost per credit hour by the number of credit hours you will need to complete. Most training programs consist of about 17 credit hours of career-related instruction and about 10 to 15 credit hours of general education courses.

Other Fees

Depending on the school you choose to train within, you may need to pay various other fees for your education as well. This can include such things as vaccinations, books, application fees and supplies. Nevertheless, below are some of the most common fees you may find.

  • Student Support Fee - $10 to $15
  • Technology Fee - $15 to $20
  • Campus Access Fee - $15 to $20
  • Books - $500 to $1,500 (Varies Depending on Whether You Buy New or Used)
  • Supplies - Minimal as Most Work is Done on Computers or in Class
  • Vaccinations - Varies Depending on What You May Need
  • TB Test - Free to $20 (Some Health Departments Perform TB Tests Free)
  • Criminal Background Check - Free to $20 (Depending on the School)

These are the average tuition costs and fees for most CNA programs today. However, it is essential to note that costs may vary depending on the school you choose to train within. Additionally, some facilities such as the Red Cross may charge a flat rate cost of about $1,250 to $1,500.

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