Best Career Options for CNAs

Best Career Options for CNAs

Best Career Options for CNAs

One of the best features of CNA careers is that they are highly flexible in both work environments and schedules. In fact, as a CNA, you can choose to work either part or full time during day, afternoon or night shifts. There are also many different work settings you can choose among, and some of the top options can be found below.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Perhaps the most popular career option for CNAs is to obtain employment at a skilled nursing facility. More commonly known as nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities have the highest demand for CNAs, and they employ the largest amount of nurse aides than any other type of medical facility today. If you choose this option, you can expect an average salary of around $25,160 per year.

General and Specialty Hospitals

Choosing to work at a local general or specialty hospital is yet another great career option for CNAs. Nurse aides who work in hospitals earn average salaries of about $28,430 per year and enjoy such terrific perks as valuable employee benefit packages, higher starting salaries and regular pay raises. Many hospitals also offer per diem pay to their full-time CNAs.

Home Healthcare Companies

A career option for CNAs that is quickly growing in popularity is working for a home healthcare company. CNAs who choose this career option provide basic medical care to patients in their own homes. They also often assist patients with day-to-day activities such as cooking and cleaning. The average salary for CNAs who choose to work in home healthcare is approximately $24,130 per year.

Hospice Care Centers

More and more today, hospice care centers are becoming the facility of choice for patients who are suffering from chronic or critical conditions. As the popularity of hospice care increases, the demand for hospice care CNAs has increased as well. Alongside trained nurses, hospice CNAs strive to provide patients with the most comfortable environment possible. The average salary for CNAs who choose this career option is about $26,000 per year.

CNA Staffing Agencies

CNA graduates who sign on with CNA staffing agencies enjoy working in many different medical facilities located in a variety of cities and states. Nurse aides who choose this option are often temporary employees and provide help wherever they may be needed at any given time. This option is great for people who enjoy variety and traveling. The salary for this option may vary depending on your current assignment. However, the average salary for CNAs who work for staffing agencies is around $27,630 per year.

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