I'm Finished With My CNA Classes: What Do I Do Now?

I'm Finished With My CNA Classes: What Do I Do Now?

I'm Finished With My CNA Classes: What Do I Do Now?

Are you looking for information about the steps you need to take after you finish your CNA classes? If you are, you will be happy to know that we are here to help! Within the information described below, you will learn each step required to earning your CNA certification and obtaining employment as a certified nursing assistant.

Study for the CNA Certification Exam

The first thing you need to do after finishing your CNA classes is study for the nursing assistant certification exam. Since earning a passing score on the CNA exam is one of the basic requirements to obtaining certification, it is never a good idea to plunge right into the test. Take some time to study, and use as many resources as you can to prepare yourself. Some of the best resources to use are as follows:

  • Your Class Notes and Textbooks
  • Study Guides in Your Local Library
  • Paper and Online Flashcards
  • Study Groups
  • Online Study Guides
  • Online CNA Practice Exams
  • Online CNA Discussion Forums

Apply to Take the CNA Certification Exam

The next thing you need to do after finishing your CNA classes is apply for a seat to take the CNA exam. Upon graduation from your CNA program, your school will present you with a testing packet. Inside this packet, you will find a testing application as well as a list of testing locations near your home. Simply fill out your application, mail it to the address provided and wait for your approval letter.

Prepare for Your Scheduled Testing Day

In most cases, you will receive your testing approval letter by regular mail or email within about two or three weeks. This letter will provide you with the location of your testing site and the date of your exam. On the day of your exam, you will be required to wear a pair of non-slip shoes and medical scrubs. You will also need to bring the following items with you to your testing location.

  • A Government-Issued Picture ID
  • Your Social Security Card
  • Your Original Testing Approval Letter
  • Proof of a Criminal Background Check or Fingerprint Card
  • Current CPR Certification Card
  • A Friend or Family Member to Act as Your Patient

Complete Both Parts of the CNA Exam

Next, you must complete both parts of the CNA exam. The CNA certification exam is comprised of both a computerized multiple-choice test as well as a clinical skills evaluation. You will have between two and three hours to complete the exam, and you can retake the test two or three times within two years if you fail your first attempt.

Create a Resume and Begin Searching for Employment

If you achieve passing scores on both segments of the CNA exam, you can then create a resume and begin looking for work. While you can create your own resume if you wish, a professional resume may increase your chances of obtaining the job you desire. When searching for employment, be sure to apply to at least four or five job positions every week. Additionally, it can help to make direct contact with potential employers!

Find CNA Classes Near You

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