Dealing with Job Burnout as a CNA

Dealing with Job Burnout as a CNA

Are you a CNA who is experiencing extreme stress due to some aspect of your job? If you are, you are not alone! Work-related stress is quite common among nursing aides. However, when it becomes more than you can handle, it can lead to what is known as burnout. Job burnout can leave you with feelings ranging from depression to anger.

Before you let the effects of burnout take over your life, you need to pinpoint what is stressing you out the most. There may be several aspects of your job that are stressful, but if you can find a way to handle the most stressful aspect, you will feel much better. Some of the most common things that CNAs find stressful are as follows:

  • Long Work Schedules
  • Lack of Downtime
  • Lack of Family Time
  • Heavy Work Loads
  • Disagreements with Coworkers or Supervisors
  • Difficulty Coping with Death and Dying

Talk to Your Supervisor

If you have determined that your biggest problem at work involves your work schedule, workload, or disagreements with a coworker, the best thing to do is speak with your supervisor. Most supervisors are more understanding than you may think and are willing to do whatever is necessary to help you succeed on the job.

Consider Switching to Part Time Hours

If you are having trouble finding time for yourself or your family, you may want to consider switching to a part-time schedule. Of course, this may not be feasible for you if you need full-time wages to cover your bills. You can also consider working part time temporarily while you recuperate from burnout.

Take a Much-Needed Vacation

In some cases, many employers offer paid vacations to their full-time employees. Find out if your company offers paid vacations, and if it does, by all means, take that much-needed time off! Sometimes, just spending a few days away from your job can help to relieve your stress and deal with burnout.

Make Some Time for Yourself

Perhaps the best way to deal with burnout as a CNA is to make time for yourself. As a nursing aide, you spend much of your time caring for the needs of others. Ignoring your own needs can quickly lead to burnout! As such, find even just a few minutes each day to pamper yourself. Read a good book, take a bubble bath, or pick up a fun hobby.

When All Else Fails

At times, it may seem like there is nothing you can do to solve your problems at work. If you cannot come to terms with your supervisor about scheduling issues, your workload, or problems with a coworker, you may need to consider finding a new CNA job. This is also true if you are having problems with your supervisor! However, keep in mind that it is best to part on good terms so that you can obtain a good reference.


There are many things you can do to cope with job burnout as a CAN, including talking to your supervisor, taking a vacation, and switching to part-time hours.

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