Admission Requirements

Common Admission Requirements for a CNA Program

Admission Requirements for a CNA Program

Are you thinking about enrolling in a certified nursing assistant program but would like to know more about the admission requirements? Before you can enter into any CNA program, there is certain criteria you will need to meet. While this criteria may vary from one educational facility to another, there are some shared trends. Here are the most common requirements.

Basic Entry Requirements

Here, you will find all the common basic entry requirements that you must fulfill before you can begin any program in a college, university or technical school. Many of these requirements also apply if you choose to get your training from a local Red Cross chapter.

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • High School or GED Transcripts
  • ACT/SAT Scores
  • Admissions Application and Fee (if Applicable)
  • Placement Exams
  • Registration and Payment of Tuition
  • Orientation or Consultation

Core Educational Requirements

After you complete the required placement exams, you must fulfill your school's required core curriculum. This curriculum consists of various general education courses, which your school determines by your scores on the exams. While these courses may vary depending on your exam scores, the following classes are common to most any core curriculum.

  • College-Level Mathematics or Algebra
  • Social / Behavioral Science
  • Fine Arts or Humanities
  • Communications
  • English Composition
  • Foreign Language

Health Care Program Requirements

Upon successful completion of the core curriculum, you can then begin your certified nursing assistant program. However, before your acceptance into the program, you will need to complete the following common healthcare program requirements.

  • CPR Training and Certification
  • Submission of Pre-entrance Health Form
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Tuberculosis Test (TB Test)
  • Updated Vaccinations Two Weeks Prior to Attendance
  • Health Applicant Counseling Session
  • Registration and Payment of Tuition

These are the most common admission requirements for CNA programs today. You will need to fulfill these requirements to begin your training and sit for the CNA Nurse Aide Registry Exam in your state. As stated above, this criteria may vary slightly from one educational institution to another; however, you will find that most any school you choose will need most, if not, all requirements.

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