Sample Questions Found on the CNA Certification Exam

Sample Questions Found on the CNA Certification Exam

Have you recently graduated from a CNA training program? Does the thought of taking your certification exam make you anxious? One of the best ways to prepare for your CNA exam is to practice the written portion ahead of time. And to help you with this, we list some sample questions found on the written test below:

1. How often during a work shift should a CNA wash his or her hands?

  • A. Before and after serving food
  • B. Before and after a shift
  • C. Before the shift starts
  • D. Before and after each contact with residents

Correct Answer - D

2. Another word for a skilled nursing facility is which of the following?

  • A. Nursing home
  • B. Rehabilitation Center
  • C. Hospice
  • D. Hospital

Correct Answer - A

3. If a patient refuses treatment and the CNA administers treatment anyway, what can the nurse aide be charged with?

  • A. Battery
  • B. Assault
  • C. Both A and B

Correct Answer - C

4. When helping a patient learn how to use a cane, a CNA should stand in which of the following positions?

  • A. Slightly behind the patient on the patient's weaker side
  • B. One foot from the patient's weaker side
  • C. One foot from the patient's stronger side
  • D. Two feet behind the patient

Correct Answer - A

5. If a diabetic patient refuses to eat breakfast, the CNA should do which of the following?

  • A. Call the patient's family
  • B. Wait to see if the patient eats lunch
  • C. Offer the patient a mid-morning snack
  • D. Notify the nurse in charge

Correct Answer - D

6. Which of the following is considered to be a healthy type of grief?

  • A. Inhibited grief
  • B. Unresolved grief
  • C. Anticipatory grief
  • D. Complicated grief

Correct Answer - C

7. Which of the following tasks is a typical admissions responsibility for CNAs?

  • A. Coordinate the patient's care plan with the treatment team
  • B. Perform the admissions interview
  • C. Ensure that the patient's medications have arrived from the pharmacy
  • D. Prepare the patient's room

Correct Answer - D

8. The best way for a CNA to identify a patient is by doing which of the following tasks?

  • A. Checking the patient's name tag
  • B. Asking the patient directly what his or her name is
  • C. Checking the name on the bed plate
  • D. Stating the patients name and waiting for a response

Correct Answer - A

9. When a patient's family comes to visit the patient, the CNA should take the family to the:

  • A. Waiting area
  • B. Resident's lounge
  • C. Cafeteria
  • D. Sun Room

Correct Answer - B

10. If a patient complains of chest pain, is sweating and has blue lips, he or she could be experiencing which of the following conditions?

  • A. Nervousness and anxiety
  • B. A heart attack
  • C. A panic attack
  • D. Need for attention

Correct Answer - B

11. If a CNA thinks that a family member is abusing a patient, he or she should:

  • A. Confront the family member
  • B. Report it to the nurse in charge
  • C. Call the police
  • D. Ignore the situation

Correct Answer - B

12. The medical abbreviation for the term before meals is:

  • A. TID
  • B. PC
  • C. BID
  • D. AC

Correct Answer - AC

13. CNAs should report to the nurse in charge if a patient's urine is:

  • A. Clear
  • B. Yellow
  • C. Red
  • D. Odorless

Correct Answer - C

14. A common condition that can result from immobility is:

  • A. Diversion
  • B. Dementia
  • C. Depression
  • D. Delerium

Correct Answer - C


The best way to prepare for the written portion of your CNA certification exam is to practice answering common questions you may encounter on the test.

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