All About Pediatric CNA Careers

All About Pediatric CNA Careers

If you have made it your goal to become a nursing assistant and you love children, why not consider becoming a pediatric CNA? A pediatric CNA is simply the nurse aide who helps doctors and nurses tend to the needs of young patients. According to, the average salary for pediatric CNAs is $31,188 per year, and according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the overall employment of CNAs is expected to grow by 8% from 2019 to 2029.

Training Requirements for Pediatric CNAs

The training requirements for pediatric CNAs are the same as those for regular nursing assistants, as pediatric CNAs are regular nurse aides, but those that tend to the needs of young patients. This means you will need to complete a state-approved CNA training program. Some of the training program requirements you will likely need to meet, depending on your school and/or state, include:

  • Passing Placement Exam
  • Submitting Admission Application
  • Paying All Fees
  • Submitting to Criminal Background Check
  • Submitting to Health Screening

Common Duties of Pediatric CNAs

The duties you will be responsible for as a pediatric CNA may vary depending on your place of employment and your patients' individual needs. Your tasks may vary from one day to another as well. However, some common duties you may encounter during your daily shifts include:

  • Bathing and Dressing Patients
  • Feeding Patients
  • Changing Linen and Making Beds
  • Ensuring Patients Have Fresh Water
  • Taking and Recording Patients' Vital Signs
  • Reading to and Playing with Patients
  • Administering Medication
  • Changing Diapers or Bedpans
  • Calming Frightened Patients

Typical Places of Employment

One of the best things about becoming a pediatric CNA is that there are many places that need professionals with your skills! Depending on the facility where you choose to work, you may also be able to choose between part or full-time work schedules. Some of the more common places of employment for pediatric CNAs include:

  • Pediatric Wings of Public and Private Hospitals
  • Children's Specialty Hospitals and Research Centers
  • Family Medical Clinics
  • Pediatric Clinics
  • Pediatric Floors of Public Health Centers
  • Rehabilitation Centers for Children
  • Home Healthcare Agencies

Options for Career Advancement

Another great thing about choosing to become a pediatric CNA is that there is a lot of room for career advancement. If you wish to move up the career ladder after working as a pediatric CNA, you can go on to earn your nursing diploma or degree and become a pediatric LPN, LVN or RN. By earning a pediatric nursing diploma or degree, not only will you increase your salary, but you can broaden your job possibilities as well.


Pediatric CNA careers offer many terrific benefits including room for career advancement, great wages, emotional satisfaction and job security.

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