What Will You Learn in a CNA Program?

What Will You Learn in a CNA Program?

There are many things you will learn during your CNA training, and the most common of those things include CNA responsibilities, medical terminology and equipment, practical skills, and CNA certification exam preparation.

Responsibilities of Nurse Aides

During your CNA training, your instructor will outline the most common responsibilities of nurse aides in medical settings. You will also learn about the tasks you should not perform as a CNA. While curricula may vary from one school to another, some common responsibilities you will learn about include:

  • Bathing and Dressing Patients
  • Feeding Patients
  • Transferring Patients
  • Helping Patients Walk
  • Reporting Changes in Patients' Behavior and Conditions
  • Making Beds and Cleaning Rooms
  • Identifying Patients
  • Patient Ethics

Medical Terminology and Equipment

Another portion of your CNA training will involve learning common medical terminology and becoming familiar with certain medical equipment. Learning medical terminology is essential for you to understand orders that may be given to you by such superiors as nurses, physicians, and technicians. Some common subjects you will likely study during this part of your program are:

  • Medical Terminology and Abbreviations
  • Human Nutrition
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Taking and Recording Vital Signs
  • Setting Up and Breaking Down Wheel Chairs
  • Adjusting Hospital Beds
  • Sterilizing Medical Equipment

Practical Skills Clinicals

After you complete your textbook-based learning, you will need to participate in a variety of practical skills clinicals. Clinicals are typically performed in a medical-type setting, and they involve practicing the CNA skills you learned during the other portions of your program.

Depending on the school you choose for your training, you may need to complete your clinicals in a real medical facility such as a local nursing home or hospital. Each state requires prospective CNAs to complete a set number of hours in this type of training, with the national average number of hours being 16.

CNA Certification Exam Preparation

Finally, the last segment of your nurse aide program will help you prepare for your certification exam. During this segment, your instructor will review information that you may encounter on the test. You will also likely be provided with various practice tests and materials to help you study for the big day.


During your CNA program, you will learn many things including common CNA responsibilities, medical terminology, medical equipment and practical skills.

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