Tips to Help You Get Through Your CNA Training Program

Tips to Help You Get Through Your CNA Training Program

Attending CNA classes can be quite stressful at times, especially if you are trying to balance your classes with a job or family. In fact, for some students, college can be utterly overwhelming. If you have often felt this way,we have some information that can help! The following useful tips can help you adjust to college life and succeed in you CNA training program.

Get and Stay Organized

First things first, it is essential that you get and stay organized while attending your CNA program. This will ensure that you do not miss important deadlines for such things as essays, quizzes, midterms or finals. While some students use a calendar to keep track of important dates, you can choose to use a small notebook instead.

You can also use your calendar or notebook to keep track of student government meetings, on-campus activities, study group meetings and other important dates. Finally, a great way to remember highly urgent dates such as mid terms and finals is to place sticky notes in locations where you will likely see them each day.

Determine and Gather Your Resources

Next, it is crucial that you determine and gather any resources you will need for your CNA courses. Of course, this starts with purchasing your college textbooks; however, there are other resources you can utilize to succeed. Your college professors will probably direct you to some useful resources but the following resources can be helpful as well.

  • Your School or Local Library
  • CNA Study Groups (join one or form your own)
  • Online or Paper Flashcards
  • Online Forums for CNAs and CNA Students
  • Websites Offering CNA Study Guides and Practice Exams

Take Plenty of Notes

Taking notes during lectures can be extremely useful when it comes to studying for quizzes and exams. The most popular ways to take notes are to jot them down in a notebook or on flashcards. You may even be able to use a laptop to compile your notes if you get your professors' permission.

If you do not plan on selling your college textbooks after you graduate from your CNA training program, it can be quite helpful to highlight key information in your books. This, in turn, can be useful when going over necessary chapters in preparation for quizzes, midterms or final exams.

Choose Your Study Space Wisely

Choosing your study space wisely is just as important as any of the other tips described above. When choosing a good place to study, it is imperative that you find a place that is quiet and free of distractions. This could be your local library, your school's library or study room, a coffee house or your bedroom. When studying, be sure that you turn off such things as your TV, radio and cellphone as well!

Find Time to Relax and Unwind

Finding time to relax and unwind is just as crucial to your success as studying. As such, schedule a little time each day for at least one activity that you enjoy. Naturally, you will need to make sure that you have finished your daily studying first. After finishing your studying for the day, some activities you may wish to partake in are listed below.

  • Read a Few Chapters in a Favorite Book
  • Take a Long Bubble Bath
  • Take a Stroll Through Nature
  • Visit a Friend or Family Member
  • Watch a Good Movie
  • Go to Dinner with a Friend
  • Play with Your Children or Pet
  • Listen to Your Favorite CD


Some of the best tips to succeed in your CNA training program are to get organized, take plenty of notes, gather your resources and take time to relax.

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