Top CNA Schools in Columbus

Discover the top CNA schools in Columbus: Columbus State Community College, Ohio State Career and Technical Center, and Central Ohio Technical College. Begin your path to a successful healthcare career today.
Top CNA Schools in Columbus

If you have decided to become a CNA and would like to obtain your training in Columbus, you are in luck! There are several accredited schools in or near Columbus that offer approved nurse aide programs. Since choosing a good school is an important decision, to help you locate one that will suit you best, we have listed some of Columbus' top CNA schools in the section below.

1. Columbus State Community College

Founded in 1963 as the Columbus Area Technician's School, Columbus State Community College can be found on East Spring Street in Columbus. The school's name was changed to Columbus Technical Institute in 1965, and it was changed again to its present name in 1987. Although CSCC's initial enrollment consisted of only 67 students, today the facility serves nearly 26,000 students each year. Among CSCC's many career programs, you will discover a 76-hour nurse aide program.

2. Central Ohio Technical College

Central Ohio Technical College is a two-year facility that is located on University Drive in Newark just minutes from Columbus. This school opened its doors in 1971 and offers just over 30 associate degree and certificate training programs. In addition to its professional nursing programs, COTC also offers an 80-hour nurse aide training program. Graduates of this intensive program will be fully prepared for CNA careers.

3. Marion Technical College

Established in 1970, Marion Technical College is located on Mount Vernon Avenue in Marion, which is about 41 miles from downtown Columbus. This school has awarded more than 5,000 associate degrees and offers more than 50 programs in a broad range of fields. Students who choose to enroll in MTC's nurse aide program, can complete their training and earn their certificates in about 11 weeks. However, they must attend all required lectures, labs and clinics before they can graduate.

4. Clark State Community College

Another top-rated CNA school in the Columbus area is Clark State Community College. This facility is situated on East Leffel Lane in Springfield just a short drive from Columbus. Founded in 1962, CSCC was originally known as Clark County Technical Institute. Although CSCC is a fairly small college, it offers a large variety of degree and certificate programs. The school's nurse aide program is an 84-hour course that awards students with a certificate of completion upon graduation.

5. Sinclair Community College

Originally known as Sinclair College, Sinclair Community College has been offering training programs to students since 1887. It was named after its founder: a man by the name of David Sinclair. SCC can be found on West 3rd Street in nearby Dayton, Ohio. Currently, SCC offers more than 70 career-bound programs including a 75-hour nurse aide training program. Graduates of SCC's nurse aide program receive certificates of completion.


In conclusion, this article has provided an overview of the top CNA schools in Columbus. These reputable institutions, including Columbus State Community College, Ohio State Career and Technical Center, and Central Ohio Technical College, offer excellent education and training for aspiring CNAs. By choosing one of these top schools, individuals can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a successful career in the healthcare field. Start your journey towards a rewarding profession by enrolling in one of these esteemed CNA schools in Columbus.

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