What You Should Ask During Your CNA Interview

What You Should Ask During Your CNA Interview

You have been called to a CNA job interview: congratulations! Next, you will want to prepare for the big day. In addition to choosing just the right outfit and practicing the answers to typical interview questions, it is a good idea to create some questions of your own as well. While there are many questions you can choose to ask your potential employer, the following questions are some of the best.

1. How many patients will I be responsible for during my shift?

One of the most important questions you will want to ask of your employer is how many patients you will be responsible for during your daily shift. The answer to this question will help determine whether or not you can handle the job! A high patient-to-caregiver ratio position can be quite stressful.

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who can multi-task, a high patient-to-caregiver ratio may suit you just fine. Additionally, the more responsibilities you have as a CNA, the more experience you can gain. This, in turn, will look good on your resume and can help you obtain more desirable employment.

2. Do you have a probationary period and if so, how long is it?

Another question you will want to ask during your CNA job interview is whether or not your employer has a probationary period. This may vary from one employer to another; however, a typical probationary period can last anywhere from six to twelve months. After your probationary period, your employer will evaluate you and determine whether or not you will be an asset to the facility.

3. Does the facility offer any continuing education courses?

As a CNA, you will need to complete a variety of continuing education courses to maintain your certification. While you can complete your CE course requirements in a local community college or trade school, more and more employers today are offering this type of training on-site. Find out if your potential employer offers such training and how often you will need to partake in it.

4. Do you offer career advancement opportunities for CNAs?

If you would like to advance in your career some time in the future, you will want to be sure and ask your interviewer if the facility offers career advancement options for their CNAs. Many medical facilities do offer advancement opportunities for nurse aides but you may need to acquire additional training or certifications first. Find out what training and certifications you will need and plan accordingly.

5. Do you have time to show me around the facility?

By asking for a tour of the facility, you can familiarize yourself with the work setting before your first day of employment. A tour of the facility can also help to ease your nervousness by eliminating the fear of becoming lost, especially in such large establishments as public and private hospitals, specialty hospitals, and rehabilitation centers.


During a CNA interview, be sure to ask about the patient-to-caregiver ratio, the availability of CE training and the policies on probationary periods.

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