Best States to Work as a CNA

Best States to Work as a CNA

Are you a CNA who is looking for employment or a nurse aide student who would like to learn about the best states to work in? This is a common query among persons who wish to work in this field, and we hope that the following information will answer that for you.

Top Paying States For Nurse Aides

The U.S. Department of Labor last listed the median pay for certified nurse aides in 2019, with the wage being $29,640 per year. The salary range for persons in this occupation during the same year was under $21,960 to more than $40,620 per year.

Among the many factors that can affect your salary as a certified nurse aide is the state where you choose to obtain employment. Some states in the U.S. provide higher wages for certified nurse aides than others. Just which are these top paying states for CNAs? According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the following states were those that offered the best wages for nurse aides in 2019.

  • Alaska - $40,320 Per Year
  • New York - $38,810 Per Year
  • Hawaii - $37,710 Per Year
  • California - $36,630 Per Year
  • District of Columbia - $35,320 Per Year

States With Highest Concentration of Jobs For CNAs

Just as there are some states in the United States that offer better pay for certified nurse aides, there are some states that have a greater concentration of jobs for trained professionals in this field.

While there may be many different reasons why some states have a greater concentration of jobs for nurse aides, the biggest reason is simply a growing need for the services provided by these individuals. During the year 2019, the U.S. Department of Labor listed top five states with the highest concentration of jobs for certified nurse aides. The chart is:

StateEmploymentAnnual mean wageHourly mean wage
Rhode Island9,300$33,020$15.88
North Dakota8,020$34,320$16.50


If you are a CNA who is looking for a state that offers top wages or plentiful job opportunities, you may want to consider Alaska, New York, Hawaii, California, or District of Columbia.

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