Responsibilities of Hospice CNAs

Responsibilities of Hospice CNAs

Are you a new CNA who is exploring options for employment? While the majority of nurse aides can be found working in such places as nursing homes and hospitals, more and more CNAs are choosing to work in other types of long-term care facilities. There is a high demand for CNAs in hospice facilities, and this need is expected to grow as more people choose this form of care for their loved ones.

Understanding Hospice Care

Hospice centers are medical facilities that are designed to provide specialized care to patients who are terminally ill. This typically includes mental and emotional health services for patients as well as their family members. Additionally, medical treatment is aimed at maximizing patients' comfort level by reducing their pain.

Hospice care patients can range in age from children to the elderly, and they can be suffering from a variety of terminal illnesses including cancer, AIDS, dementia, heart disease, and kidney failure. As a hospice CNA, you can choose to work in a hospice care facility, or you may choose to work for a hospital, home healthcare provider, or nursing home that offers such care.

Hospice Care in Medical Facilities

The tasks you will be responsible for as a hospice CNA depends on the type of facility where you work. Your daily duties may also vary depending on your patients and the severity of their conditions. However, if you choose to provide hospice care in a medical facility such as a hospice care center, hospital, or nursing home, some common tasks you may need to carry out each day are as follows:

  • Assisting Patients with Personal Hygiene
  • Helping Patients Dress and Undress
  • Moving and Transporting Patients
  • Helping Patients Eat and Drink
  • Cleaning Rooms, Changing Beds and Laundering Linen
  • Assisting Patients with Urinals and Bedpans
  • Providing Emotional Support to Patients and Their Family Members
  • Taking and Recording Vital Signs
  • Administering Massages and Some Medications

Hospice Care in Patients' Homes

If you choose to obtain employment with a home healthcare service that provides hospice care to patients in their own homes, the tasks you will be responsible for as a CNA will be a bit different. Your daily duties may vary each day as well depending on your patient's needs and the needs of their family members. Nevertheless, some common in-home tasks that CNAs can perform are listed below.

  • Helping Patients Dress
  • Assisting Patients with Personal Hygiene
  • Taking and Recording Vital Signs
  • Cooking Meals for Patients
  • Washing Dishes
  • Laundering Linen and Clothing
  • Cleaning Patients' Homes
  • Running Errands for Patients
  • Providing Emotional Support to Patients and Their Family Members
  • Educating Patients and Family Members on Proper Home Healthcare
  • Teaching Family Members How to Use Medical Equipment


Hospice CNAs are responsible for many tasks in hospice care facilities, including providing emotional support to patients, administering massage, and running errands.

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