What You Need to Know Before Applying for a CNA Job

What You Need to Know Before Applying for a CNA Job

So, you have passed your state’s CNA exam and are ready to begin searching for a job. If you are like most other fresh CNAs, you probably have a lot of questions about the best methods to conduct your job search. If this sounds like you, the following information can help! Everything you need to know before applying for a CNA job is described below.

Your Resume Speaks A Thousand Words

Of course, your resume does not have to speak a thousand words, but it does represent you. And in many cases, potential employers will see your resume long before they see you. Because of this, it is to your benefit to make your resume as professional-looking and attractive as you possibly can.

When sitting to write your resume, you should check online for sample resumes to help you determine the most effective structure and what to include as its content.

You should also take some time to write a convincing cover letter, as this will be the first thing employers will see.

Persistence And Direct Contact Pay Off

Another thing you should know before applying for a CNA job is that persistence and direct contact pay off.

Use all resources available to you including local newspapers, employment offices, school bulletin boards and online job sites. Additionally, be sure to apply for at least four or five jobs each week.

Direct contact can also help you secure a CNA job. Take note of any medical facilities near you and visit them directly. Ask the secretary to speak with the person in charge of personnel. If the personnel manager cannot speak with you at the moment, make an appointment to speak with him or her.

Appearance Can Be Key To Being Hired Or Passed On

Whether you are simply making direct contact with a potential employer or preparing for a CNA interview, it is crucial that you give extra attention to your appearance. It is recommended to wear a business attire when meeting a potential employer or interviewing for a job. Further, you will want to keep such things as jewelry, makeup and cologne to a minimum.

Remove any facial piercings, leaving just one pair of modest earrings. If you have visible tattoos, do your best to cover them by wearing a long-sleeve shirt or slack if necessary. If you are hired, your employer will inform you about the facility's rules regarding facial piercings and tattoos.

Practice Can Make You Appear More Confident

Lastly, you should know that simulating a job interview at home can help make you appear more confident during the real thing. Check online and find some sample CNA interview questions and answers. After finding as many as you can, employ the help of a friend and practice answering various questions. In this way, you will be fully prepared when called for a real CNA interview.


When applying for a CNA job, you will want to be sure to create an effective resume, be persistent in your job search and dress appropriately.

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