Why Are CNA Positions in Such High Demand?

Why Are CNA Positions in Such High Demand?

If you have been researching becoming a CNA, you have probably also found that they are in extremely high demand in almost every state. But just what has caused this great need for nursing assistants, and is it expected to continue? There are many factors that have contributed to the remarkable growth of the CNA profession; however, the main factors are discussed below.

The Elderly Population Is Increasing

Perhaps the biggest reason why CNA positions are in such high demand today is due to the dramatic increase in the elderly population all across the country. The Baby Boomer generation, which is our largest population of people, is currently entering their senior years and are requiring more specialized medical care.

As a result, medical facilities that mainly provide care to aging and elderly patients have experienced an increasing need for CNAs. This typically includes such facilities as nursing homes, retirement homes, home healthcare agencies, public and private hospitals, and hospice care centers.

CNAs Are Moving To Higher Paying Positions

Another reason why CNAs are currently in such high demand is the fact that many existing certified nursing assistants are choosing to move on to higher paying positions. In fact, it has become quite common for CNAs to use their positions as a starting point for becoming an LPN, LVN or even an RN. When this occurs, a vast array of CNA positions become available for qualified CNAs.

Proper Healthcare Awareness Is Growing

As more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of regular and proper healthcare, the need for quality medical treatment is becoming more critical than ever. This has resulted in a growing need for nursing professionals including certified nursing assistants. New technology and breakthroughs in medical treatments have also contributed significantly to the huge need for CNAs today.

The Healthcare Field Is Rapidly Expanding

As people in the Baby Boomer generation age, many of them are choosing non-traditional methods of receiving medical care. Two industries that have become increasingly popular these days are home healthcare and hospice care. These industries offer more personalized care for elderly patients or patients who are chronically or critically ill.

Because of the rapid expansion of these industries, there is a huge need for CNAs to accommodate the needs of these patients. Furthermore, the United States Department of Labor predicts that the demand for certified nursing assistants in home healthcare and hospice care will continue to increase for many more years to come.


Factors that contribute to the high demand for CNAs today include a growing elderly population, medical field expansion and healthcare awareness.

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