Why Do CNAs Need to Complete Continuing Education Courses?

Why Do CNAs Need to Complete Continuing Education Courses?

If you are a recently employed CNA, you have probably heard other nurse aides or your employer mention that you will need to complete some continuing education courses, more commonly referred to as CE credits or units. But just what are these courses, and why do you need to complete them? CE courses for CNAs are important for many reasons, and the top reasons are described below.

Keeping Your Certification Active

Some states require certified nurse aides to complete a set amount of CE credits to keep their certification active. The number of credits you will need to earn varies depending on the state where you work. However, you can expect to complete anywhere between six to 24 CE courses per year. To find out if your state requires completion of continuing education courses, contact your state’s nurse aide registry or state board of nursing.

Learning About New Technology

Another reason you may need to complete continuing education courses for CNAs is to learn about new technology in healthcare. With the medical field advancing as rapidly as it is every year, CE classes can help to make you aware of these changes. CE courses are also valuable when healthcare administration methods change over time. This, in turn, helps improve the care you provide to your patients.

Keeping Abreast Of Updated Facility Rules

There may be times when the medical facility where you work makes changes to its rules. This can involve simple issues such as requesting time off or more complex issues such as communicating with the family members of patients. In any case, you will need to stay abreast of these changes. In situations such as these, the facility where you work will typically offer the required training.

Broadening Your Skills And Employability

Lastly, if you want to increase your skills or employability as a CNA, continuing education courses can help a great deal. In fact, many CNAs today are choosing to earn various specialty certifications through CE coursework. Not only can this broaden your skills and increase your employability, it can make it possible for you to demand a higher yearly salary as well!

Completing Your Continuing Education Courses

There are many facilities that offer CE classes for CNAs, including community colleges, trade schools, your local Red Cross and online continuing education websites. There are also many different types of courses you may need to complete. Nevertheless, some common continuing education courses for CNAs include:

  • Preventing Medical Errors
  • Patients' Rights
  • Elderly Patient Care
  • Legal Aspects of Being a Nurse Aide
  • Caring for Cognitively Impaired Patients


Completing continuing education courses for CNAs can keep your certification active, teach you about new technology and increase your employability.

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