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In this section, you’ll find in-depth articles on different, important aspects of the training and career of a Certified Nursing Assistant. We’ll be updating this section with new articles regularly, so you may want to bookmark this page for quick and easy access later.

  1. What You Should and Shouldn't Add to Your CNA Resume
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  2. Why You Should Begin Your Nursing Career as a CNA
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  3. Advantages of College-Based Versus On-the-Job CNA Training
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  4. Best Places to Work as a CNA
    Best Places to Work as a CNA

    If you are searching for employment as a CNA, some of the best places to work include government facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.

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  5. Best CNA Programs in Seattle
    Best CNA Programs in Seattle

    There are many great schools in Seattle that offer CNA programs, and some of the best are North Seattle Community College, Bellevue College, and Renton Tech.

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  6. Responsibilities of Hospice CNAs
    Responsibilities of Hospice CNAs

    Hospice CNAs are responsible for many tasks in hospice care facilities, including providing emotional support to patients, administering massage, and running errands.

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  7. Typical Working Conditions for CNAs
    Typical Working Conditions for CNAs

    Typical working conditions for CNAs often include long work days, heavy lifting, daily exposure to bodily fluids, and varying degrees of emotional stress.

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  8. What to Do if Your CNA Certification Expires
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  9. What to Do if You Fail Your CNA Certification Exam
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  10. Coping with Death and Dying as a CNA
    Coping with Death and Dying as a CNA

    Coping with death and dying as a CNA can be a bit easier if you take time to grieve, pamper yourself a little, and focus on positive experiences with your patients.

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